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Why Mariwasa’s new vinyl flooring collection is ideal for Filipino homeowners


Why Mariwasa’s new vinyl flooring collection is ideal for Filipino homeowners

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Why Mariwasa’s new vinyl flooring collection is ideal for Filipino homeowners

One of the most integral parts of a house is the flooring. Its surface receives the most contact with homeowners and is subjected daily to the different activities that homeowners might engage in. Due to this foot traffic, homeowners prefer flooring material that boasts of durability without sacrificing aesthetics.

An ideal option for flooring material for homeowners is vinyl flooring. This material is water and stain-resistant, versatile, and provides good durability for its cost. Also, due to the continuous developments in technology, it brought about a more resilient material.

Take for instance, the vinyl flooring from Mariwasa, which provides homeowners with another flooring option as they plan to build or renovate their homes this 2022. Mariwasa Siam Ceramics, Inc. is well aware of the importance of sturdy and stylish flooring. This is evident in their recently launched vinyl tile available in 30x30cm and promotes style, comfort, and quality.

Homeowners can continue their daily activities and even engage in rigorous ones without worrying about breaking their tiles or leaving unwanted marks on the floor. This also saves them a lot of time and money from purchasing products or availing services to address scuffed floors.

Aside from the quality of the material, Mariwasa’s 30x30cm vinyl floor tiles come in a variety of designs to meet consumers’ preferences. It also comes in shades of brown, marble, and wood patterns that are easy on the eyes and invoke a friendly and warm feeling.

For years, homeowners are interested in building a house with personality apart from being sturdy. Such a goal could be achieved by using durable material that can also meet the different design preferences of homeowners.

Fortunately, Mariwasa developed a design that maintains the cozy vibe while giving off a sense of luxury through the “Meteor” vinyl floor tile, which features earthy yet regal tones, such as bronze in an intricate pattern. For homeowners looking for a more modern approach, the vinyl tiles come in bright and minimalistic shades that are chic and easy on the eyes. Having them in a room can liven up the space while presenting a relaxing aura. Plus, these designs are easy to work with, making them an ideal choice for homeowners who value the overall look of their home aside from its sturdiness. The material is also budget-friendly, giving homeowners a chance to achieve the house of their dreams without blowing their pockets.

The recommended areas of application for Mariwasa’s vinyl tiles are in living rooms and bedrooms, where homeowners usually feel relaxed and seek comfort. These are some of the areas of the house that get the most foot traffic. In addition, since the vinyl tiles come into the most contact with homeowners, Mariwasa developed the material to feel light and comfortable as they pass on by.

With Mariwasa’s new vinyl tile collection, homeowners can enjoy sturdy and stylish floor tiles that are easy to install, maintain, and practical.


About Mariwasa

MARIWASA, a pioneer in the ceramic tiles industry in the Philippines, continues to innovate and create products that adapt to modern trends and meet the preference of homeowners without having to sacrifice the quality that made the company known in the market.

The company was established in March 1966 by brothers Emerson and Edison Co Seteng on a vision of putting the country on the map by producing ceramic products that align with global standards of beauty and durability by harnessing the skills, creativity, and discipline of Filipino artisans.

Other than its ceramic tile production, MARIWASA imports porcelain tiles, sanitary wares, bathroom fixtures, and vinyl flooring to complement its product lines which are distributed through the company’s network of dealers that are positioned strategically throughout the Philippines. The company continues to uphold its mission and standard for excellence by becoming a one-stop shop where consumers can get the materials they need to build their dream houses as well as the tools they need to make it happen.

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