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Top 10 Satisfying and relatable crave boxes you should consider for your next gifting!


Top 10 Satisfying and relatable crave boxes you should consider for your next gifting!

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Top 10 Satisfying and relatable crave boxes you should consider for your next gifting!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! And no one can stop us from giving gifts and sharing our blessings for our family and friends. But the pandemic has caused us to shift the way we think of gifts. No mass gatherings. No family reunions. No seeing each other on this joyous occasion. So how would you know what to give to someone if you can’t see them personally?

We know clothes are not the best gifts because we don’t know their sizes, jewelry too because we don’t know their types, but food is always the best go-to gift!

Something sweet, surprising, and full of fun!

Introducing Crave4Good PH.

They deliver the best of the best & the widest assortment of your local and imported favorites at the most affordable price.

They do not just satisfy all your chocolates, candies & sweets cravings, but they also fulfill your desire to make a difference in other people’s lives.

They do this by using all the proceeds from this project to share simple joys to kids in the Philippines

Ready to DIG IN?

Let’s take a closer look at their variety of products.

Kjap Crave Box (Available in Big and Small)

Calling all the Korean and Japanese-at-heart Filipinos out there. This fun curated mix of the most popular Korean and Japanese sweets will give you the nostalgia of tasting that ORIENTAL sweet flavors in one box.

You will find yourself tasting the sweet pleasure and the 맛있는- I mean, delicious explosion of fun culture in one crave box – available in big and small boxes.

Harry Potter (Available in Big and Small)

Which house are you? No matter. Whatever house you belong to, No one can go wrong with this assortment of imported and local candies, chocolates, and sweets- available in big and small boxes.

It’s basically inspired by the Harry Potter movies where you can have unique sweets and treats without repeat!

Choc to Go (Available in Big and Small)

Chocolate is a love that knows no bounds. Regardless of your age, where you are from, how much money you have, or your social status, there is almost certainly some type of chocolate that you can’t resist.

So have at it! This fun curated mix of the most popular imported chocolates is the box-to-go-to if you have a particular sweet chocolate tooth.

Batang 90s (Available in Big and Small)

Let’s move the clock back in time to the 90s.

The time of peace and prosperity, as well as a period of sweet confectionery!

Let’s go back to the days when the Spice Girls and Backstreet Boys were played on cassettes from boom boxes while waiting for 4:30 pm in front of your ginormous case for television, Dahil 4:30 na… (you continue). Go back to the fun and simple times and have this curated mix of hard-to-find candies, chocolates & sweets for kids born in the 90s.

May Tokyo Ka (Available in Big and Large)

Is anybody obsessed with Japanese culture? A Weeaboo, basically. Because we are!

And if you are too, make sure to have this fun curated mix of the most popular Japanese snacks & sweets- available in a big and large box. Because who doesn’t want LARGE Japanese goodies, right?

Wow Ang Gummy (Available in Big and Small)

If your greatest childhood memory is going to a candy store and picking out a couple of dozen gummy candies to be weighed at the front desk, then Crave4Good is your new best friend!

Gummy candies are tasty, colorful, and can provide the boost you need after a long day. Or, for that matter, the pick-me-up you need after a relaxing day spent to a T. Have this fun curated mix of the most popular gummy sweets in a box and provide yourself the most wonderful gummy experience.

Leche Kayong Lahat (Available in Big only)

We are not cursing you or something. You know the silly thing we believe when we were kids that Leche (from Spanish) is actually translated to milk? Okay, that’s true, though.

This assortment of a curated mix of Japanese, Korean, imported & local milky sweets will surely satisfy your milky and creamy cravings. So for the people who like Leche, this crave box of goodies is just for you- available in a big box!

Nuts About You (Available in Big only)

You heard it right, we are nuts about you! And so this fun curated mix of local and imported sweets with nuts- available in a big box.

Every chocolate with nutty feeling, and if you’re missing those seed snacks, Crave4Good got your back! Best to try a box of this now- it’s definitely great for snacking!

Not Guilty (Available in Big only)

Sugar cravings, it’s no secret, can undermine your weight loss efforts if you allow them. We also know that restrictive fad diets are difficult to maintain over time and are more likely to lead to binge eating episodes.

So whether you’re looking forward to celebrating with your SWEETIE or stocking up on the candy aisle this holiday season, be NOT GUILTY and enjoy this curated mix of guilt-free sweets and snacks- available in big box.

Matcha Tayo (Available in Big and Small)

It feels like we’ve reached the pinnacle of the matcha frenzy, with matcha-flavored snacks and chocolates appearing virtually everywhere (and have been for the past few years)!

Ground-up green tea has become a standard flavor in all kinds of desserts and snacks that all Japanophiles must experience, thanks to its sweet, earthy taste and unquestionable health advantages. If you’re kind of that person, this curated mix of best of the best matcha-flavored sweets and chocolate is the MATCH for you!

On to you,

Crave4Good PH provides these wonderful box assortments of the most delectable candies and snacks out there. Every box represents every personality. Plus, they deliver it to their customers nationwide even in bulk orders, and they can add a personalized note to make it extra!

What’s more, purchasing a box to satisfy your needs provides gifts to children and support various social advocacies like donating printers to schools, sharing gifts to orphanages, distributing PPEs to frontliners, and many more.

While the assortments are unique, Crave4Good PH stands out for its advocacy in being a non-profit and using proceeds for the greater good.

What are you waiting for, grab a box or two today! They got a lot more options, so visit their official Instagram account at or shop from their store at

They are also available on Shopee: