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The wonders of Japonesa® Probiotics Soap on Asian skin


The wonders of Japonesa® Probiotics Soap on Asian skin

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The wonders of Japonesa® Probiotics Soap on Asian skin

We are different in every special way and that includes our skin, primarily because we live in different weather conditions and our unique genetic inheritance. In this article, we wanted to unravel different facts about Asian skin and a way to resolve them, at the end of the article we’re recommending a product that we think works well with #AsianSkin.

Asian Skin has a naturally oily complexion: Sebaceous glands are responsible for releasing
a fatty substance called sebum, and based on data Asian skin tends to have more of this
allowing skin to accumulate extra oil build-up and a shinier look. Furthermore, the humidity in the air can cause the skin to overreact causing larger pores and (of course) oily skin. While we can no longer do anything to change it, a solution can be found by looking for a mild skin cleanser.

Asian Skin is Acne-Prone Skin: Asian skin has thinner ‘stratum corneum’ which is essential
protection for the skin, this condition makes the skin vulnerable to external conditions and
harder to recover against injuries. Putting into consideration that Asians like us have oily skin, makes us more susceptible to breakouts. While we already asked you to look for a mild soap, the search continues with a soap that has antibacterial properties without stripping the moisture out of your skin.

Asian Skin Loses Moisture Easily: We all need moisture, but who on earth knows that Asian
skin has a higher level of trans epidermal water loss (TEWL), which is water vapor loss through the epidermis that occurs in non-sweating conditions. This information only informs us that our skin loses hydration much faster resulting in dry skin. The perfect skincare soap to lock in the moisture, while keeping it mild is handmade as it provides that safe level of Glycerin that moisturizes the skin, but don’t forget that you should not miss out on considering that the soap has Collagen to support moisture over your skin.

We now know that Asian men and women (us) should look for a bar soap that is mild and
carrying antibacterial properties without stripping the moisture out of our skin, there are basic ways to improve the health of your skin, like staying hydrated and getting that enough sleep from now on, while the search continues we want you to know that we should also maintain the balance of bacteria over our skin to keep it healthy, and there is no other ingredient who can do that other than Probiotics.

While we should follow all the possible ways to improve our beloved Asian skin, we wish to let you know that there are more special ways to keep your skin healthy, and that is if you start using a soap that is made of Probiotics, Lactoferrin, St John’s Wort (team up against Acne), Glycerin, Plant-based Collagen (duo to maintain enough moisture over your skin, and there is no other brand who has all that other than Japonesa® Probiotic Soap.

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