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The Pink Owl PH


The Pink Owl PH

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The Pink Owl PH

Entrepreneurs, big or small, often say they “wear a lot of hats”. This is true for most people starting their own business. Pink Owl PH is no exception to that. Being a one-person business owned by Iris – a DIYer, blogger, writer, and stationery collector since grade school days, it’s the owner’s dream to one day create her own stationery-line .

Pink Owl PH (POP) has started as an indie cosmetic line with just 3 products under its ‘belt’ named The Skin Maven in 2018. The little online business ran right before the pandemic put most of the businesses on hiatus due to lockdown and faced financial challenges.

The hiatus phase was used to develop a solid process and build an even better formulation in terms of the products that needed improvement to penetrate the smaller market scale. POPh’s owner decided to keep the cosmetic line along with the new stationery and self-care products.

Currently, POPh carries different products like stickers for BoJu or planner enthusiasts, and self-care products. POPh also customizes label stickers, logo stickers, tags, etc. for fellow small businesses, as well. Customers can find an array of eye-candy or ‘kawaii’ products in their Shopee store but maintain their usefulness at the same time.

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