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Ten timeless hugot moments from ‘The Write One’


Ten timeless hugot moments from ‘The Write One’

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Ten timeless hugot moments from ‘The Write One’

We can’t get enough of the dramatic moments from this Viu & GMA series “The Write One!” Ruru Madrid, Bianca Umali, Mikee Quintos, Paul Salas, and the rest of the cast are definitely delivering lines and hugot that we can all relate to.

“The Write One” is a groundbreaking story about Liam (Ruru), a frustrated writer who is given a chance to rewrite his love and life story with the help of a mysterious typewriter; and Joyce (Bianca), a former starlet who became pregnant before she got her chance at fame.

In Liam’s alternate reality, he is the goal-oriented and career-driven creative director of one of the leading film outfits in the country, while Joyce is a glamorous, empowered, and sought-after actress of her generation. Liam is engaged to another woman, Via (Mikee). Behind Via’s ‘perfect’ image is the selfish, manipulative, and obsessive woman who will do everything to keep Liam by her side. Joyce, on the other hand, is being courted by Hans (Paul), a lawyer who can offer Joyce the security Liam cannot give her in the old timeline.

We’ve compiled some of the heartfelt and empowering moments that we’ve spotted while watching The Write One. Check out our picks below and let us know if your favorite hugot moment made it to the cut!


EPISODE 1: The Beginning of Our Love Story

Take that leap of faith 

Joyce urges Liam to take a leap of faith and confess to the person he likes because he might regret not doing so. Liam is afraid that the person doesn’t like him back, but Joyce gives him the other scenario: what if she’s just waiting for him? Afterwards, they kiss!

“What if she likes you? What if she’s now ready to open her heart to you?”

“If you were in my place, what should I do?”

“Take a leap of faith, Mr. Herrera. Maybe she’s just waiting for you.”


“Love isn’t mysterious. People just make it complicated sometimes. For me, love is very simple. Love is an act of bravery. You need to be brave when you open up your heart to others.”


EPISODE 2: Your Biggest Sin

Own up to your mistakes

After a heated argument the night before, Joyce apologizes for not seeing Liam’s efforts in trying to become a good father and husband. Liam apologizes to Joyce, saying that he should have been more mindful with his decisions.

“Actually, I was wrong. I was wrong because I overreacted. I know you’re just trying to become a good father and husband. I’m sorry because instead of being happy, instead of thanking you, I judged you. I said some hurtful words.”


EPISODE 4: Remember, I’m Here

Be careful what you wish for 

After being transported to an alternate reality without Joyce and Dex in his life but with his mom well and alive, Liam follows his father’s advice to seek professional help. When the psychiatrist asks what he feels about his “dream” of waking up in an alternate reality, he admits feeling guilty that he wished for this version of reality.

Afterward, the psychiatrist replies: “Maybe there are wishes we only regret once they come true.”


EPISODE 5: I Feel Trapped

Sometimes, drastic changes can be good. 

Though visibly disoriented in the new timeline, Liam pushes through with giving a speech at the groundbreaking ceremony. Recalling the drastic changes that have happened in his life, he wings the speech and talks about how, like the big mall project, big changes are sometimes necessary in life.

“I realized that a big change can be worthwhile.”


EPISODE 5: I Feel Trapped

We all deserve a second chance.

Via notices how visibly stressed Liam is about discovering his alternate self as a ruthless businessman. He asks Via if this isn’t a turn off for her.

“You taught me that everyone can have a second chance, just like how you gave me my second chance at happiness.”


EPISODE 6: We Met Before?

We do crazy things for love. 

After the disastrous press conference and seeing Nestor’s grandson pleading for his grandfather’s freedom, Liam wanders into what seems to be a wedding.

“We do unthinkable things because of intense feelings of love.”


EPISODE 6: We Met Before?

Life is full of twists and turns. 

Liam sees Joyce for the first time in the alternate reality, but this time, she isn’t his wife—she is the famous actress Savana. The unthinkable did happen, albeit the wrong one—Liam crashed the set of Savana’s taping!

“Sometimes, life brings us to an unexpected path, to an uncertain place. We don’t know if it will lead us astray or if it will bring us to the right destination.”


EPISODE 7: Figuring Out

We all deserve to be happy. 

Liam unexpectedly gets casted as a bridal car driver for a scene with Savana. He gives advice to Savana’s character who doesn’t want to be married to the groom.

“Everything happens for a reason. What’s worse is to spend the rest of your life with him but you are not happy.”


EPISODE 9: A Magic Typewriter

Women are powerful! (Ep. 9)

Liam’s creative team discusses the changes Savana wants in the story. She is disappointed that her character is just another damsel in distress. She further emphasizes how women don’t need saving, forcing the team to revise the script and screenplay.

“We, women, need no saving. [This movie] should also show women who can defend themselves.”


EPISODE 10: Get Jealous

Be sincere with your apologies.

Liam and Savana reconcile after the latter found out that Liam was helping the residents of Sitio Verde get back on their feet.

“What is an apology without accountability, right?”