Saturday, June 3, 2023

SureTayo by Dragonpay: Safeand Secure Transactions, Guaranteed!


SureTayo by Dragonpay: Safeand Secure Transactions, Guaranteed!

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SureTayo by Dragonpay: Safeand Secure Transactions, Guaranteed!

Amidst the fast-paced and ever-changing times of the COVID-19 era, the world of e-commerce has seen a sudden surge in demand. People are staying in the safely of their homes and online shopping has become the preferred method of acquiring their needs—such as food, medicines, and delivery services—and wants from fast food take-out,  sweet delicacies for stay-at-home birthdays, and entertainment subscriptions like Netflix and Spotify. For the longest time, online payment conduit, Dragonpay, has a major player in guaranteeing the safe and secure execution of these transactions. In the recent years, it has been working tirelessly to improve its system in order to stay grounded and true to this mission as the most trusted corporation for alternative payments in the Philippines.

In July 2019, Dragonpay launched the app for its escrow service, SureTayo,which ensures a smooth payment and receipt cycle between customers and merchants nationwide or even internationally. SureTayo serves as a third party that holds on to buyer’s payments until safe delivery of their purchase has been completed.This helps to make the online shopping experience safe and convenient for both buyers and sellers by eliminating the risk of fraud, scamming, and charge-backs.

When asked about the rationale behind the creation of SureTayo, Dragonpay founder and CTO, Robertson “Dick” Chiang answered:

“We created SureTayo with the promise of making the seller-buyer transaction convenient, fast, and easy, and I am proud to say that we were able to do it. While we achieved this feat, we at Dragonpay never stop innovating. We developed the SureTayo app to ensure that we adapt to the needs of our clients.”

The process is simple:

An online buyer finds an item he wishes to purchase. He then gets in touch with the seller to inform him or her of his interest. The seller then prepares an online invoice using SureTayo. The buyer then receives a confirmation e-mail, clicks the link to SureTayo, chooses his preferred payment method, and pays via Dragonpay. The seller is notified when the payment has been made and only then delivers the item. When the buyer receives his purchase, he confirms it with the seller through SureTayo. It is only after the confirmation that SureTayo safely releases payment to the seller. Should the purchasing process not be successful, the buyer is reassured that his money is still safe in the hands of SureTayo.

SureTayo does not only play a role in guaranteeing the smooth flow of buyer-seller transactions, it also fosters trust between those involved. By providing a convenient and safe online shopping experience, the seller now becomes a more trusted figure in the eyes of satisfiedcustomers. This helps to potentially increase a buyer’s reach and revenue. Furthermore, it allows the buyer to introduce wider and hassle-free modes of payment because buyers can pay through over 50,000 payment counters and various online facilities like ATMs, mobile wallets, and even international remittances.

Indeed in the midst of these turbulent and ever-changing times, business owners and their customers will reap great benefits with the help of SureTayo, Dragonpay Corporation innovative and timely escrow service that upholds transparency and security in all transactions while keeping their stakeholders safe in the comfort of their homes!

To know more about SureTayo, visit or follow/SureTayoPH on Facebook. You can also download the SureTayo app in the App Store and Google Play.