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Pru Life UK continues its health dialogue series on telemedicine with partners from the government and health sector


Pru Life UK continues its health dialogue series on telemedicine with partners from the government and health sector

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Pru Life UK continues its health dialogue series on telemedicine with partners from the government and health sector

Pru Life UK reaffirmed its commitment to digital health with the webinar Telemedicine: Accelerating Access of Filipinos to Quality Universal Health Care. Held on November 24, the second installment of the Healthscape PH Dialogue Series under PRUWise Webinars brought together key stakeholders to discuss the latest developments in digital and mobile health, telemedicine, the Universal Health Care (UHC) law, and data privacy.

The event was hosted by CNN Philippines’ resident medical expert and ‘The Doctor is In’ anchor, Dr. Freddie Gomez. Pru Life UK President and Chief Executive Officer Jumbing de Rosas opened the discussion with thoughts on how telemedicine and mobile health could lead to an inclusive insurance landscape. Representatives from the National Telehealth Center and digital healthcare provider MyDoc shared expert advice on how to narrow financial gaps and expand Filipinos’ access to quality healthcare services.

“With Universal Health Care, all Filipinos, especially the country’s poorest, will be enrolled in the national health system with the promise that their basic medical care needs are met. Most Filipinos, however, will still face financial difficulties purchasing more comprehensive health coverage. We believe that insurance companies like Pru Life UK have the responsibility to step up and help Filipino families plug their financial gaps, mitigate risks, and secure protection from financial setbacks as the UHC rolls out,” says de Rosas.

During the webinar, Pru Life UK Senior Vice President and Chief Customer and Marketing Officer Allan Tumbaga also shared insights on how wellness management and preventive healthcare can supplement the provisions of the UHC law. According to Tumbaga, telemedicine empowers smartphone users to proactively manage their health, consult a doctor, check their symptoms, and be informed about taking care of their health and wellbeing.

Meanwhile, National Telehealth Center Director Dr. Raymond Sarmiento shared that mobile healthcare is having a significant impact in the country, especially in the new normal, as it accelerates the overall implementation of the UHC. He also believes that telemedicine will make healthcare more accessible to Filipinos and anticipates that digital health will help communities become more interconnected.

Dr Sarmiento’s views were supported by MyDoc’s Director of Clinical Operations Dr. Francis Soriano, who revealed how telemedicine providers can help the government implement the UHC while still safeguarding data privacy. Dr. Soriano noted that telemedicine is an inexpensive alternative to traditional healthcare systems. In terms of regulations, he explained that the current eHealth Bill is fully in line with the UHC’s mission to provide users with quality healthcare.

The PRUWise Webinar series underscores Pru Life UK’s “We DO Health” commitment to empowering Filipinos to lead healthier lives, and notably calls on practitioners, policymakers, healthcare providers, and members of the public and private sectors to take an active role in developing a framework for telemedicine in the Philippines.

“Pru Life UK believes that healthcare should be accessible to every Filipino. This is why we continue to invest in mobile health services through our digital health app Pulse. We are excited to launch new digital health solutions that will enable everyone to begin their wellness journey and get the most out of life,” adds Tumbaga.

The Healthscape Dialogue Series, which started last October, seeks to continue the conversation about the key findings in Pru Life UK’s commissioned whitepaper, “Mobile Digital Health in the Philippines.” Published in 2019, the paper examines the current legal and regulatory framework governing mobile health in the Philippines and recommends regulatory solutions on how to fully harness the power of mobile technology to address gaps in, and transform, the country’s healthcare system.

The event was held in partnership with the European Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines (ECCP) and the British Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines (BCCP).

For more information, visit the Pru Life UK website at prulifeuk.com.ph/en/ or its Facebook page at facebook.com/prulifeukofficial/. For more information about Pulse, visit wedopulse.com/ph/.