Wednesday, March 29, 2023

New Nutritional Supplement Line Vitale includes Covid-19 Prevention Products


New Nutritional Supplement Line Vitale includes Covid-19 Prevention Products

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New Nutritional Supplement Line Vitale includes Covid-19 Prevention Products

There is no doubt that the ongoing pandemic has made Filipinos more conscious about their overall health and wellbeing. Thus, the preventive and holistic approach to wellness that is advocated by JLOPEZ MD Medical Group is logically enjoying greater interest.

Part of the company’s commitment to improved health is the recent launch of a new line of nutritional supplements by its unit, JLO Organics. Vitale is a line with six products—each bringing about essential nutrients that help prevent ailments and improve immunity for overall protection against disease-causing pathogens.

Interestingly, consumers who are looking for supplements that can help fight Covid-19 infection can check out the new lineup. “The three main products that we recommend for Covid-19 prevention program are Vitale Core 8C, Vitale Forte, and Vitale Rich,” said Dr. Joel Lopez, company founder who is also a US-trained integrative medicine physician and certified nutrition specialist.


Covid-19 preventive supplements

Vitale Core 8C has eight important elements that facilitate better absorption of nutrients in the body. It is best noted for being fully natural—comprising of camu-camu extract that contains higher level of Vitamin C compared with all other botanical and super berries. “It is actually different from ascorbic acid as it has the phytonutrients needed for the body to utilize nutrition properly,” Dr. Lopez emphasized.

Vitale Forte combines the best natural ingredients to bring about antiviral, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antifungal properties. In fact, it has the most powerful antivirals that are available from nature. “This supplement is a combination of essential oils that have antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory functions,” said Dr. Lopez.

Lastly, Vitale Rich has more than 100 synergetic nutrients making it the richest and most complete source of total organic nutrition from nature itself. “It can cover for any possible nutritional deficiency in the body,” Dr. Lopez asserted. The supplement brings about cellular protection, nourishment, and repair; helps fight infections and free radicals; and induces natural production of glutathione in the body.


Other supplements in the Vitale line

The total wellness and immune-boosting program that defines the JLO Organic’s Vitale line is completed by three other products that bring about many other health benefits.

Vitale Flush facilitates systemic detoxification through its natural peptide and chlorophyll content. Regular intake of this supplement helps the body eliminate not just toxins but even unnecessary chemicals, harmful bacteria, other pollutants, and unwanted residues of medicinal treatments.

Vitale Contour is a supplement for weight management. It contains natural ingredients that aid burning of excess fat in the body, suppress appetite for food, and enhance metabolism.

Lastly, Vitale Erexia is a component of JL Organics’ male enhancement program. The natural supplement primarily enhances testosterone production to pave the way for enhanced stamina and increased sexual drive. It is recommended not just for men suffering from erectile dysfunction but also for women who have issues about hormonal imbalances.


Opportunity for entrepreneurial consumers

JLO Organics Vitale line is competitively priced to make it accessible to more Filipinos, according to JLOPEZ MD Medical Group Managing Partner Princess Consing. “Vitale supplements are currently available in Metro Manila. Distributors could help us bring the products outside National Capital Region,” said Consing.

“We’re open to resellers so we can bring the supplements to consumers nationwide,” she said. Entrepreneurial individuals who are interested to become distributors can drop by the JLOPEZ Medispa and Wellness Center at the 23rd floor of Centuria Medical in Makati City or send an email to

Dr. Lopez also added that the company is even willing to train potential distributors “so they can effectively recommend these products to their clients.”