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More Than Just Coffee: Equilibrium Empowers Entrepreneurs with Online Business Classes (FREE recipe inside!)


More Than Just Coffee: Equilibrium Empowers Entrepreneurs with Online Business Classes (FREE recipe inside!)

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More Than Just Coffee: Equilibrium Empowers Entrepreneurs with Online Business Classes (FREE recipe inside!)

With parts of the country starting to ease community quarantine measures, entrepreneurs are fast gearing up to meet the rising demands of consumers.

As businesses navigate the “new normal” of delivering products and services, owners are turning to the Internet to discover ways of growing and further developing their enterprise. Online classes, for instance, provide entrepreneurs with opportunities to stay abreast of industry events, emerging trends, as well as how they can manage their processes and offer their goods by tapping into digital tools and meeting existing health protocols.


Moving forward through learning

Equilibrium Intertrade Corporation, leading distributor of top-quality coffee, tea, and specialty beverage products, as well as partner to Manila’s biggest luxury hotels, restaurants, and coffee shops, is empowering entrepreneurs with tools, information, and practical tips for their businesses to flourish.

Through its EQ E-Learning Classes, Equilibrium aims to become a valuable partner to not just its coffee-loving clientele, but also for businesses from all sorts of backgrounds.

Since April, Equilibrium has been organizing webinars covering a wide array of business topics, from strategies for a low-touch economy, maintaining high-grade coffee machines, all about cold brew, to transforming social media efforts amid the threat of the coronavirus disease or COVID-19.

Featuring the expertise of local resource persons and international award-winning speakers, the classes were attended by hundreds of entrepreneurs eager to acquire new knowledge and to hone their respective crafts.

Starting June, Equilibrium has taken online education to a whole new level with a series of free EQ E-Learning Classes covering business support topics such as the following:

  • Best Practices and the New Dine-In Policy for F&B Businesses during the New Normal (June 19)
  • Food Safety in the New Normal (Food Safety for Take Outs and Deliveries, and Safe Food Handling and Preparation for Food Services) (July 3)
  • Managing Business Continuity and Finance during COVID-19 (schedule to be announced)
  • Discovering the world of E-Commerce for your business (schedule to be announced)
  • Managing your inventory during the new normal (schedule to be announced)

Access to these classes is only a taste of the benefits that come with being part of Equilibrium’s EQ Community, which is committed to promoting sustainable, innovative, and socially responsible solutions for Filipino entrepreneurs. To know the schedules and join these webinars, interested business owners can simply sign up and become part of Equilibrium’s EQ Community.


Empowering entrepreneurs

To be a part of the EQ Community, business owners just need to register by sending a message to the Equilibrium Facebook page. Customer service representatives will be in touch with those who meet the group’s requirements and send them a link. Once reviewed by administrators, they will in no time be welcomed to the private platform.

The EQ Community is an exclusive group which not only lets members share their love for coffee, but also their knowledge and expertise on specialty beverages. As a display of its dedication to business owners, membership is free for start-up businesses, independent businesses, as well as mainstream businesses.

Not only does Equilibrium consider its EQ Community members as its patrons, but also as a part of its “virtual family.” Members are the first to receive updates on products, services, promos and discounts, upcoming events and activities, plus, they get instant access to free recipes concocted by Equilibrium’s resident mixologists and coffee connoisseurs.


Let’s get brewing!

As entrepreneurs transition to a new business environment, one thing remains the same: a common love for delicious and expertly crafted beverages.

For those who want to start brewing their own drinks at home or for their own businesses, here’s one free recipe to try:


Matcha Green Tea

60cc MocafeMatcha Green Tea Powder
120ml Gippy Milk
Ambiante Whipped Cream
Put all ingredients in a blender. Blend until smooth. Pour into glass top with whipped cream.


Truffle and Balsamic Fig

60cc Café Essential Chocolate Truffle  Powder
120ml Gippy Milk
15ml Torani Balsamic Fig Syrup
Ambiante Whipped Cream
Put all ingredients in a blender. Blend until smooth. Pour into glass top with whipped cream.

Check out more amazing recipes when you visit www.facebook.com/EQuilibriumIntertradeCorp.


Creating partnerships in the Filipino coffee industry

Equilibrium Intertrade Corporation has been establishing strong relationships with companies since 1998. A pioneer in the coffee market supplier industry, it was the first to set up branches in Mindanao in 2006 to 2007 and in the Visayas region in 2008. It currently operates in 10 key market locations throughout the Philippines, including Metro Manila, Cagayan de Oro, Davao City, Cebu City, Puerto Prinsesa City, Palawan, Baguio City, Naga City, Pampanga, and Iloilo.

Part of its mission of supporting young entrepreneurs building a coffee business, Equilibrium also shares its years of expertise through an affiliated international school. Equilibrium takes passion in not just getting these budding businessmen the right tools and coffee education to get started, but also to keep their craft alive and flourishing by providing technical support, business solutions, as well as keeping them abreast of industry trends.

To place your orders, visit Equilibrium Intertrade Corporation’s website at www.equilibrium.com.ph or follow them on their Facebook page at www.facebook.com/EQuilibriumIntertradeCorp/. You may also contact Equilibrium at 0956-264-4712.