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King Sue New Year Hams


King Sue New Year Hams

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King Sue New Year Hams

The Lunar New Year is a festive occasion for many all over the world that’s rich in tradition. Celebrated with fireworks, and more importantly, lots of good food shared with family and friends.

Chinese New Year culinary traditions are also steeped in symbolism, all designed to satisfy palates while representing the wholeness and prosperity of the coming year.

King Sue Ham recommendations are topping the list for this occasion. It brings together the auspiciousness of pork, while the round shape signifies unity so you can hop into the year of the rabbit with the best of luck.


A Prosperous Centerpiece:   Piña Ham

Traditionally, ham combines three flavor blocks that offer palates a distinct flavor profile—sweet, spice, and savory. King Sue’s Piña Ham premium quality meat, cured in special brine, manages to draw out the delicate balance of all three flavors, making it a must-have for Chinese New Year.


The Flavor of Fortune:  Sweet Ham

As the name suggests, King Sue’s Sweet Ham offers a sweet flavor profile that is loved by many Filipinos. Achieving this unique flavor requires a combination of traditional curing methods King Sue Ham is known for, with a special brine that draws out the sweetness of the meat while maintaining its soft and juicy texture-Keeping in mind that sweetness also indicates that you will have an abundant life in the coming year-so incorporating it into a beloved holiday staple like ham can only make the coming year more prosperous.


Lucky Traditions: Hawaiian Ham

King Sue’s Hawaiian Ham is an incredible flavor experience that combines the fusion of cultural flavors in a single dish. If you’re planning to serve this for the Lunar Holiday, remember that King Sue Ham creates it using only premium, lean meat while ensuring that it’s tender and juicy. It’s a preferred addition for anyone who wants the sweetness of our unique glaze combined with the savory goodness of King Sue’s signature meat.

Be sure to elevate this year’s Chinese New Year feast by serving these choice holiday hams.

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