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Indoors are better at the WV Towers #TheBetterPlace


Indoors are better at the WV Towers #TheBetterPlace

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Indoors are better at the WV Towers #TheBetterPlace

What is your home used for now that it was rarely used for in the past? More than a place to relax or destress at the end of the day, homes have now become full-time working spaces, formal schooling venues, functional gyms, restaurants or cafes, and even playgrounds for young children. This is owing, of course, to the effects of the new normal brought about by the pandemic. As these enclaves begin to cater to nearly all aspects of individual and family life with minimal need to step out of the house, one’s choice of home is now important more than ever.

The search for the #TheBetterPlace to live now boils down to whether it can serve our needs within all four corners of the safely-situated home. Pioneered by property developer B&P Property Group, the WV Towers is located in one of the safest and most economically viable cities in the Philippines—Iloilo City, hailed as a champion city in its efforts to battle the current pandemic. A two-tower development situated right at the heart of this city, WV Towers offer a safe and secure condominium dwelling that fulfills the requirements of living spaces within the new normal setup.

Each unit in the WV Towers is perfect for parents’ private work spaces, for the kids’ online learning nooks, for makeshift exercise and recreation areas, for isolating in case one falls ill, and for many of life’s other milestones and firsts. After all, the property’s unit sizes are more generous than the usual size of units in the area, with studio units starting from 28.41 square meters, two-bedroom units starting at 56.87 square meters, and two-bedroom lofts starting at 45 square meters — a first in the area. Each unit also comes with its own balcony, allowing not only for proper air circulation and ventilation but also for getting a fresh slice of the outdoors without setting foot outside.

Made for individuals and families whose lives now revolve around the home, units in the WV Tower are telephone, cable, and internet ready. These facilities seamlessly meld into the lifestyle of professionals who eat video calls and meetings for breakfast, or for the studious child that needs a stable connection to learn, recite, and bag that medal.

All units are equipped with smoke detectors for extra safety within the home, which is now more important than ever. Since residents are expected to be staying at home around 80 to 90 percent of the time, people-safety is top priority.

Complete toilet & bath fixtures, plus essential kitchen storage help make for easy routines that people have come to adopt in their lifestyles day-in and day-out. This takes their mind off purchasing extra fixtures and equipment that may force them to go out or take time off from work or other essential activities.

WV Towers 1 & 2 Facade

Units also already come with ceramic tiling and painted walls & ceilings, reducing the need for renovations where outsiders have to enter one’s home.

Truly, all you need to do is choose a unit and move in.

Beyond each unit, WV Towers provide enough amenities to stay safely inside the development area while feeling that they’re not missing out. A sprawling amount of space is allotted for condominium amenities that are the first of its kind in Iloilo City:

  • Dip into calming waters with a splendid view of greenery in Iloilo City’s first suspended infinity pool;
  • Relish the beauty of nature while staying close to home in Iloilo’s first elevated garden, and find intimate spaces of rest and relaxation with Iloilo’s first pocket gardens;
  • A gym, a function hall, and akids’ playground area, too.

WV Towers’ spacious amenities ensure proper ventilation, connectivity, and allow for a healthy amount of social distancing between residents who would be in one amenity at any given time. This way, they’re not missing out despite the threat of the pandemic.

Incoming residents of the WV Towers look forward to their new lives ahead within the residence touted as #TheBetterPlace:

“The WV Towers have outstanding amenities that cannot be found with other developers,” explains Mr. Cathedrilla, who is looking for a condo development that he and his family can enjoy.

Mrs. Marcelino cannot wait to experience condo living, as she raves about the “good size of studio units.”

Mr. Paul Santos* looks forward to his later years in the WV Towers, saying the development’s “unique features make it a perfect place for retirement.”

Meanwhile, Lady Perez* praises the development’s outdoor amenities, saying “it perfectly supports my wellness lifestyle, plus the development is in a good location and designed beautifully.”

Katrina Lindo* agrees with WV Tower’s beautiful design aesthetic, and how it is great for family living: “Tahum (beautiful) ang design. It feels homey, truly a perfectly private place for my family when I am in Iloilo,” she exclaims.

Truly, as living in the new normal is a unique experience for everyone, experiencing these luxurious firsts in a safe living space will make families look forward to a brighter future.

The B&P Property Group stays true to its long-term vision of fulfilling the dreams of Filipinos to live better lives and achieve homes that they can deem #TheBetterPlace, through progressive properties that have innovative features. With the group’s projects and developments spreading fast throughout the country, there’s a better place to live for every Filipino. 

The B&P Group’s developments include the WV Towers 1 & 2 in Mandurriao Garden Residences Iloilo, Palm Glades Residences in Capiz, and Prosperity Heights and One Mariposa in Quezon City. For more information, visit