Thursday, June 1, 2023

How to Keep the Body’s Immune System Stronger to Fight Covid-19 Infection


How to Keep the Body’s Immune System Stronger to Fight Covid-19 Infection

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How to Keep the Body’s Immune System Stronger to Fight Covid-19 Infection

For holistic and integrative medical doctor Dr. Joel Lopez, MD, CNS, DABAARM, strengthening the body’s immune system is the best way to prevent, treat, and overcome Covid-19 infection. This is because the innate ability of the body to fight the infection is still the most effective for battling any viral infection.

“Strengthening the innate immune system could primarily be done by having a healthy diet and supplementation,” Dr. Lopez said during online webinar ‘Take Charge of Your Health in This Pandemic.’ “However, food diet is not enough anymore because we don’t get enough nutrients to help boost the immune system. Now, it is really essential to take nutritional supplements.”

Dr. Lopez recommends nutritional supplements that contain Vitamins C and B3, zinc, and quercetin. He even advises intake of melatonin, which could not just promote better sleeping habits and bolstered brain health but also boost the immune system (in doses of 5mg to 20 mg).

Part of strengthening the immune system against possible Covid-19 infection is taking care of nasal passages, which are the usual entry points of the virus into the body. Dr. Lopez recommends using nasal sprays with hydrogen peroxide and zinc. He said it should be sprayed when personally interacting with other people—before, during, and after. Dr. Lopez warned, “If the immunity in the nasal and pharynx is week, the virus can easily multiply in the area and proceed down to the lower respiratory system, which is the main target of this virus.”

Diffusing essential oils in your room, according to Dr. Lopez, is also beneficial. “Choose oils that have anti-viral properties like clove, thyme, or oregano.”

Meanwhile, strengthening the immune system for recovered Covid-19 patients is also as important. “There are natural antibodies produced by the body, which can help protect the patient from a possible reinfection as long as the immune system is strong,” said Dr. Lopez. “One has to strengthen his innate immune system post-Covid by taking the basics—taking a healthy diet, having enough sleep, doing regular exercises, taking Vitamin D or enjoying exposure to sunlight, and reducing the body’s stress level and weight.”

Dr. Lopez emphasized the significance of keeping a strong immune system. “Pre-exposure prophylaxis is done by regularly taking medications in advance to prevent or minimize infections. Post-exposure prophylaxis should be taken shortly after exposure to minimize infection Moreover, if the immunity has somehow failed, early detection and treatment is important to assure recovery,” he concluded.