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Holiday Insights: Tweets drive the Holiday cheer (and buys) alive


Holiday Insights: Tweets drive the Holiday cheer (and buys) alive

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Holiday buzz on Twitter shows influencing power as 10% rise in conversation driven by brands lead to 3% increase in sales

It’s beginning to look a lot like holidays, as seen on the growing number of holiday-related conversations on Twitter even before December ushers in. Although physical restrictions are still in place, retail, and gifting as a way to welcome and celebrate the holidays now rings truer than ever online and on Twitter.

Twitter’s Holiday research reveals that even though 51% of Filipinos are still wary about gatherings, they likewise remain hopeful and excited to celebrate the holidays. The catalyst is no other than the ‘Ber’ months wherein Filipinos begin their holiday game plan. For most people, the holidays entails gift giving, major home decor rehaul, and other activities that contribute not just on purchases but also in keeping the holiday cheer alive despite challenging times. In fact, there are over 8 million holiday-related conversations on Twitter across Southeast Asia – and it’s a myriad of topics from customer reviews, questions on best buys, and other Tweets that show why Twitter is the go-to place for people and brands to know and join #WhatsHappening around the Holidays.

Before the last month of the year unfolds, Twitter delves into the Holiday shopping trends that prevail in the Philippines.

Celebration starts early

The spirit of holidays never waver on Twitter as it continues to be bigger and better. In 2020, the Philippines saw 2.3M holiday-related conversations and it’s worth noting that the buzz on holidays also begins around September, 3 months earlier than the actual holiday season.

During the said period, what triggers the rise of holiday-related conversation in the Philippines are the usual early Christmas tradition, Christmas specials on television around October, Gifting preparation by November, and a quick jump from Christmas to New Year mode. These are avenues for people to plan what they need to buy or prep throughout the season.

Brainstorming on holiday gift ideas

Though physical restrictions are still in place, people found a way to brainstorm on holiday ideas. 38% of Filipinos still struggle on finding the perfect gift, so it’s a unique trend among people on Twitter to join forces and discuss all about holiday shopping. The topics may also range from holiday recipes, new products, or fashion to cop this Christmas. Moreover, 33% of Filipinos discover good brand deals and promos, thanks to Twitter.

Apart from the ever-bustling community, 43% of Filipinos on Twitter also get their inspiration from the interests/topics they follow, while 32% get their ideas trending topics and hashtags. These conversations on Twitter convert into sales. On average, a 10% rise in conversation driven by brands lead to a 3% increase in sales

Twitter is where the holiday celebration is

As holidays are about sharing and celebration, it’s expected that the majority of holiday-related topics in 2020 revolve around Greetings (53%) as people extend their well-wishes to family and peers. This is followed by Entertainment (22%) and Shopping (11%) as e-commerce websites fuse both to give a thrilling consumer experience during the season.

The community on Twitter is also highly receptive, so it’s no surprise that it is also the platform where fellow shoppers and brands can see the latest trends on holiday retail straight from the shoppers themselves. In the Philippines, 42% of shoppers would like to see brand deals while 35% are looking for gift suggestions from brands, and 36% of them also expect to see more heartwarming content from brands this holiday season.

Moreover, their gifting options vary from food & beverage, personal care products, fashion and accessories to tech products. In particular, 42% of Filipinos on Twitter are planning to purchase Tech products over the holidays this year. In looking for the perfect gizmo, two things they consider the most are price (63%) and good reviews (62%).

Join the holiday cheer on Twitter

The latest on #WhatsHappening around holidays and other moments has always been on Twitter, thanks to the community that unceasingly Tweet their passion, interest, and thoughts on just about any topic. These conversations help influence others and fuels the excitement around occasions just like the holidays.

Step into the holiday spirit on Twitter and win your brand’s campaign in advance with 3 types of holiday content to win this season:

  1. Hype: Ignite the campaign by hyping it up. Send your message and build anticipation to achieve 2x more engagement.
  2. Participate: Don’t just Tweet out. Make sure to take part in the conversation to enjoy a 35% better view through.
  3. React: Remember to always connect. React to maximize buzz and phase out while driving consideration to achieve 3x more consistency.

“Holidays remain to be a joyous occasion as seen on how vibrant the conversations are on Twitter throughout the region. What’s unique about the Philippines is that it’s known to have the longest Christmas celebration, and our insights showcase exactly just that. The hype begins once Ber months set in and people are already into gift suggestions from brands, which 35% of Filipinos look out for, while 36% look for heartwarming Christmas special content. Holidays are special because it is the time to connect with their loved ones, and more so, we believe it’s the best time for brands to follow suit for their audience,” said Martyn U’ren, Research Director, Asia Pacific & Global Export at Twitter.

Win the holiday season and other key moments on Twitter. Visit https://business.twitter.com/en/advertising.html to discover how you can leverage Twitter for your brand and to join in the conversation today.