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Gyllmarc Breaks New Ground to Help Filipinos in the Food Industry Rise Again


Gyllmarc Breaks New Ground to Help Filipinos in the Food Industry Rise Again

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Gyllmarc Breaks New Ground to Help Filipinos in the Food Industry Rise Again

“The ongoing pandemic has definitely challenged us,” said Christian Gilmer Dela Cruz, Operations Manager of spice, seasoning, and ingredient supplier Gyllmarc Ingredients Inc., (GII) as he delivered his opening address during a groundbreaking ceremony last November 18, held for the company’s new manufacturing plant. “But because of the collective effort of our people, paired with the passion that they have for what they do, we’ve been able to overcome those obstacles. It has allowed us to continue serving our customers.”

And this, according to Dela Cruz, was the very push that the company needed to go through with the construction of their new facility in Lipa, Batangas.

Gyllmarc Executives break ground for a new manufacturing plant

GII executives, Lipa Batangas Mayor Eric Africa, other local leaders, the plant’s architects & contractors, as well as a few members of the community & the company, were also present to witness the beginning of Gyllmarc’s expansion to a manufacturing plant that has five times the production capacity compared to the old one, located in Lipa, Batangas.


Stepping onto new ground

Moving into this new, additional plant signifies more than just an opportunity for Gyllmarc Ingredients Inc., to make more product innovations and produce a wider variety of spices and seasonings. According to Dela Cruz, it also signifies hope for a better tomorrow by providing new job opportunities for the community they’ve built the plant in. “We’re certain that we can sustain business operations and continue to serve our customers while also supporting the communities around us,” he said.

With big plans and determined resilience, GII expressed their hope to become more prepared while helping the communities be more prepared as well. “This is a good start for us all, para kahit anumang sakuna ang dumating pa, siguradong handa na tayo para doon,” he enthused.

Gyllmarc Ingredients Inc. team members from the Sales, Research and Development and Operations Department, together with other guests gather for the groundbreaking ceremony in Lipa, Batangas

The new plant is set to help solidify Gyllmarc’s commitment to becoming the top and trusted partner and source of top-quality food ingredients in the Philippines while helping the country’s food community rise up again. The new manufacturing plant will also help boost their production capabilities, creating more high-quality products in a shorter time. At the center of it all, the company only hopes to serve its customer base better, believing that, as we’re all fighting the effects of the pandemic, food businesses need all the help they can get.

“Mas malaki na po ang ating production capacity sa bagong planta at ibig sabihin po nito ay makakarating din sa mga customer natin nang mas mabilis ang ating mga produkto! (We’ll have a bigger production capacity in the new plant, which means our products can also get to the customers faster!)” said Dela Cruz, positive that this move will help many food-centric business rise again.


Remembering humble roots

Gyllmarc Ingredients Inc., started out as a modest family business, trading locally produced spices sourced from local farmers. Because of perseverance, continuous marketing, and an unwavering commitment to the highest quality of products they can provide, GII has strengthened its presence in the market, with clients who have stayed for the long haul and have continued to give their patronage. The company has also garnered numerous recognitions under its belt.

After years of hard work and determination, GII is now one of the most trusted global-standard manufacturers and suppliers of spices and seasonings in the country.

And while the years have gone by, GII remains true to many of its traditions, including ensuring the highest quality of its products. When asked about how they guarantee the quality of their spices, Gil Dela Cruz, Gyllmarc General Manager, said, “spices, being an agricultural product, vary from the origin, place, and time of harvest. We at Gyllmarc make sure that every delivery is consistent with the standard of specifications required by our customers.”

“Every product that comes out from the Gyllmarc manufacturing plant passes through stringent quality measures done by quality control and quality assurance departments,” he added, also emphasizing that in everything, they always stay true to the company’s mission and vision to be a trusted business partner to its customers.

For GII, this groundbreaking ceremony for their new manufacturing plant marks a major business milestone since the establishment of their first facility in Batangas. As for what their customers can look forward to, Gil Dela Cruz said, “Through this new project, we’ll be able to acquire state-of-the-art technology and more advanced machinery and equipment. It will only get better from here. We really considered all the factors involved, from the production all the way to our end-users. Our desire for customer satisfaction is one of the key drivers of this project, and hopefully, this is just the start to bigger things ahead.”

This project not only highlights new beginnings for the company but also gives the community of Lipa something to look forward to in the coming year. The construction of Gyllmarc’s new manufacturing plant is expected to be completed in late 2021. To know more about GII, visit their website at