Monday, March 27, 2023

Free Pinoy-made online course


Free Pinoy-made online course

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Looking for a job? This free pinoy-made online course site aims to help you bounce back from the covid-19 crisis

The global health crisis has left most, if not all people with a feeling of uncertainty and anxiety. Despite the pandemic’s economic impact, business process outsourcing (BPO) and tech companies remain unshakeable and stand firm as a wellspring of opportunities for job seekers. However, many applicants still lack the necessary skills or knowledge to qualify for these jobs.

Aya and Trifie Montebon, co-founders of “We believe that providing a free learning platform makes us more effective in fulfilling our life mission to transform many lives through meaningful work and stable employment.”

Free online course site as a response to the crisis

“When COVID-19 happened, we noticed a lot of displaced Filipino workers—local and OFW—who were scrambling to find jobs in the BPO industry,” recalls Aya. “Most of them are not fully informed and equipped to pass the BPO job applications so we decided to create free online courses to help them out.”

As board directors of BPO & Tech recruitment firm Siegen HR Solutions, the team behind, Aya and Trifie knew all too well the rigors of hiring, screening, and training employees for different partner companies.

Sympathetic to the need of every Filipino to provide for their family, Aya and Trifie Montebon co-founded, an online platform that offers self-paced courses targeted to those who want to learn new skills or prepare for a job application. Building the website was led by the Siegen Solutions team, mostly psychology graduates and seasoned recruiters, in collaboration with foreign language teachers, marketing practitioners, and tech professionals.

Through, those hindered by financial constraints or educational setbacks are given a chance to upskill and receive quality training that meets BPO and tech company standards.


Transforming many lives through meaningful work and stable employment

The 100% free online courses are primarily targeted towards displaced workers who are willing to shift to another industry that is more stable even amid the lockdowns, as well as high school graduates who cannot afford to go to college and would like to immediately get a job in pandemic-stable industries. The current courses include:

  • Basic English Phrases for Call Center Customer Service Agents
  • Technical Support & IT Help Desk Representative Essentials
  • INTERVIEWS, VERSANT, SVAR, & BERLITZ: Effective BPO Job Application Course
  • VERSANT Test Simulation Course


Extending the free courses beyond the bpo industry plans on releasing new courses outside of the BPO industry in the near future, to cater to the needs of other companies and extend the reach of its courses, coming up with one to two free courses every month. With more industry skills and topics covered, more Filipinos in need of work will be able to enhance their know-how and start building a better life for themselves and their families.

“Some of the courses that we are currently working on are English grammar basics and Real Estate Online Marketing,” says Aya. “And all these will be available for free.”

Aside from being free, the beauty of the courses on is that these are self-paced, meaning anyone can take and finish these anytime, anywhere. Each course finished entitles the student to a completion certificate, which they can add to their credentials and use for their future job applications. The courses are also voiced by’s production partner in the United States, adding to the world-class quality of the curriculum.


Sponsor a course, empower a brighter future

This is only the beginning. In order to provide more jobseekers with free learning opportunities, is looking for more sponsors to collaborate with them and sponsor students’ free learning. “Siegen HR Solutions, Inc. is the first major sponsor of the courses. We are looking at partnering with other groups and companies in both the public and private sectors to bring more and more free courses to the Filipino worker,” says Trifie.


How you can help

Know a company with a heart to empower Filipinos to learn and cope at this time? could use your help. Spread the word, help sponsor a course, and create a brighter future for some of the country’s most severely impacted people.

“We are hoping that by doing this, we are helping our country in economic recovery,” says Aya. “We’d like to remove the barriers of cost and location to raise the bar among Filipinos. All they need—apart from internet connection—is to be self-propelled in upgrading their skills.” is a free learning platform that seeks to transform many lives through meaningful work and stable employment. Through partnering with different groups and companies in both the public and private sectors, this social enterprise aims to bring ‘unlimited’ free courses to the Filipino worker. Visit to learn more about, and how your organization can sponsor a course today.