Friday, June 2, 2023

Equilibrium Delivers Ready-to-Drink Cold Brew Right to Your Home


Equilibrium Delivers Ready-to-Drink Cold Brew Right to Your Home

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Equilibrium Delivers Ready-to-Drink Cold Brew Right to Your Home

The house as shelter is being experienced in its truest sense during this pandemic situation. Work from home (WFH) reduces people’s exposure to health risks lurking outside; ensures the convenience of not having to brave traffic and crowding in commercial and business districts; and allows people to buckle down to work in a comfortable, familiar environment.

But while WFHers are thankful to keep their jobs, they also find the transition to be quite challenging as work tasks get disrupted because of the need to attend to home concerns, and vice-versa. And now that the searing summer months are here, office workers at home are experiencing the added discomfort of being unable to let the air-conditioner run all day long. There are worse problems for sure but professionals are yearning for the simple comfort of their old weekday routine such as making a quick stop at the corner café to grab their favorite coffee before starting the workday.

To help inject a sense of the old normalcy into the new normal and provide cool comfort to consumers in the form of their favorite beverages, a company that distributes to top hotel and café brands is now directly delivering cold brew to coffee aficionados at home.Equilibrium Inter trade Corporation provides ready-to-drink cold brews such as Black Mamba Coffee Concentrate, Mestiza (Coffee + White Chocolate), Mocha (Coffee + Dark Chocolate), and Mixed Cold Brew, available for ordering on their website,

Equilibrium’s new offering of freshly brewed coffee and tea on a per-order basis uses the industrial Toddy Pro Series Cold Brew System which means customers can expect only the smoothest beverages freshly brewed daily following stringent sanitation and sterilizing procedures.For those who want to be their own barista, the company also offers product bundles for home consumption that come with specially produced tutorial videos.

Customers can rest assured that Equilibrium takes care of the science part so coffee lovers can indulge in the soul-satisfying experience of sipping very good coffee from the comfort of their own homes. Factors that impact the coffee-drinking experience include grind size, temperature for best extraction, and even water, which is the agent that extracts flavor and aroma from the soluble coffee grounds.

Most people’s typical concept of coffee is hot brewed, one that is quickly prepared and extracted. But cold brew, usually steeped in water for hours, even up to days without going over the extraction threshold, brings out the full-bodied sweetness of the coffee grounds, instead of acidity and bitterness. While oldish coffee can be used for cold brew, it produces a detectable papery taste, and so fresher coffee is still the best way to produce good cold brew. The output of the cold brewing process is usually a concentrate, thus containing more caffeine than hot brew which on the other hand retains antioxidants in coffee.

Equilibrium is about the perfect balance represented by the naturally bisected coffee bean, and demonstrated through the organization’s passion for both business success and eco/social responsibility. The specialty Filipino brew stands alongside the best in the world, bringing recognition to the work of the hands of partner coffee growers and indigenous peoples outside their places of origin.

The company’s program of delivering directly to end-users enables itto provide donors with their cold coffee donations to frontliners via #CoffeeCaresPH in collaboration with the Philippine Coffee Guild.Further, the company also conducted its own donations of cold brew coffee and teas to the healthcare workers of Asian Hospital, San Lazaro, RITM (Research Institute for Tropical Medicine), and other medical institutions in Metro Manila. The company will keep on contributing to the relief efforts by distributing its products to partner hospitals as they work through the COVID-19 crisis.

Its post-pandemic initiative is also worth mentioning: Equilibrium will launch a coffee subscription program for offices that will open and may want to provide high-quality coffee to their employees in the safety of the workplace so they no longer have to venture outside to buy their brew.

In a time like this when staying indoors is considered safer, even heroic, those working from home and their loved ones can have some respite from the outbreak and the hot summer days by ordering online to have the drinks brought to their doorstep.Or you can arrange delivery of Equilibrium beverages to whomever needs a little pick-me-up as we all do our part towards flattening the curve.