Sunday, May 28, 2023

DOE seeks new technologies, engages flywheel energy storage company Amber Kinetics


DOE seeks new technologies, engages flywheel energy storage company Amber Kinetics

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DOE seeks new technologies, engages flywheel energy storage company Amber Kinetics

The observed momentum in the Philippines’ renewable energy market continues to prosper, and with the local government championing this environmental shift, the transition toward an emission-free society has never looked brighter.

The Department of Energy (DOE) remains steadfast in its commitment to boost integration of renewable energy and improve system reliability in the country. With the goal to develop innovative and flexible solutions to aid in the clean energy transition, the DOE, headed by Director Mario Marasigan, recently engaged Silicon Valley-based energy storage company, Amber Kinetics, to learn more about its breakthrough flywheel technology. DOE previously rolled out policies to reinforce energy storage technology in the country- a move that propelled Amber Kinetics to gain more confidence in bringing its technology to the Philippines.

Amber Kinetics believes that applications of energy storage solutions make headway with integration of renewables in the Philippines. During the meeting with DOE, the energy storage company pointed out several indicators, including the country’s potential due to its geographic location, agility towards innovations, and the current recommendations of the government for this emerging market.

Environmental disposition

As a tropical country with abundant natural resources, the Philippines shows great potential to be reliant on renewable energy. However, the country’s archipelagic nature also presents multiple challenges for energy quality and stability, such as recurring natural catastrophes and intermittent sources of energy. These concerns present a need for alternative and flexible energy solutions.

Amber Kinetics’ believes its flywheel technology is rugged enough to meet the challenge. Aside from having the properties to withstand harsh weather conditions, the flywheel also makes for a more environmentally friendly solution as it does not make use of rare earth materials. This type of energy storage also boasts features such as a long discharge duration and wide operating temperature.

Openness to new technologies

The Philippines has registered various renewable energy milestones over the years. This suggests that there is a strong opportunity for energy storage systems to be present in the country to enable a more clean and stable power supply.

Reassuring policies

With DOE providing investors with a framework in deploying energy storage systems in the country, the Philippines turns to be on its way toward a clean energy landscape. DOE implements a technology-neutral approach to level the playing field for potential investors, making transparency and ease a top priority to achieve energy equity.

The commitment of the Department of Energy in securing a sustainable energy future in the Philippines bodes well for the prospective energy storage solutions. With the right regulations in place and continued technological innovations, the country takes on the accelerated path toward satisfying the demand for clean energy.