Monday, October 2, 2023

Covid-safe ways to enjoy Holiday shopping at Greenfield City


Covid-safe ways to enjoy Holiday shopping at Greenfield City

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Covid-safe ways to enjoy Holiday shopping at Greenfield City

The COVID-19 pandemic could never stop the indomitable Pinoy spirit from enjoying the holidays and the activities that come with it – decorating, feasting, and of course, Christmas shopping.

This year, though, we’re doing it safely. This year, the holiday spending spree will be different because of physical distancing requirements and safety protocols. Greenfield City Laguna, home of discounted branded items Paseo Outlets, for instance, has some protocols in place so that buyers can still score amazing items while staying safe.

Here are some of the ways Greenfield City has embraced the new normal:

  1. Safety Protocols at All Times. For those who opt to visit the outlet stores directly, the shops are open to walk-in customers. They just have to comply with mandatory safety requirements by wearing face masks and face shields worn over the face (and not perched on the head), and by strictly maintaining at least a meter distance from other shoppers. With the sprawling spaces that Greenfield City offers, social distancing is a breeze.

2. Curbside Pickup. Customers can shop and pay online then wait for their schedule of pickup and assigned pickup bay. This option is perfect for those wary of in-store shopping, and hesitant of shipping fees and extra packaging. This effectively minimizes physical interaction but retains a semblance of personalized service which the shoppers love and appreciate. Some of the stores with this service are the Crocs Outlet, Tutto Moda, Pottery Barn, Marks and Spencer, Payless, west elm, Nike Factory Store, Samsonite Outlet, F&F, 158 Designer’s Blvd, Fusion Outlet, and the  Skechers Outlet.

3. Curbside Market. With large gatherings discouraged, the Greenfield City Weekend Market regulars can enjoy its safer alternative – a roadside bazaar where shoppers can still purchase artisanal products, farm-to-table produce, and unique items from local entrepreneurs. The current lineup of vendors offers a refreshing mix of merchandise, from plants to produce to native products and home decor, that can be purchased from the safety of one’s own car and can be paid for in advance/online.

4. Order, Park, and Go. Customers can order their food cravings from their favorite restaurants in advance via phone or through online platforms, then wait at Greenfield’s designated Order, Park and Go (OPG) parking slot for their food. They may also opt to proceed directly at the assigned space, wait for a restaurant crew to take their orders, and for their food to be delivered directly to them. Should they decide to eat inside their cars, they can drive to an available parking space beyond the dedicated OPG slots. Restaurants with OPG service are Shakeys, Starbucks, Yellow Cab, Pancake House, Bonchon, Kenny Rogers Roasters, Macao Imperial Tea House, Amare La Cucina and Burger King.

5. Christmas lights display. Even without holiday events and public gatherings, the malls will still be gaily festooned with lights and decorations embodying the best of the Christmas spirit, and shoppers will still delight in seeing the dazzling decor lighting up the night to really set the mood for the holidays while everyone enjoys the season, safe and sound.

This holiday season, enjoy a safe trip to Greenfield City — a 400-hectare self-sustaining network of play spaces, career hubs, and living spaces situated in Sta. Rosa Laguna.  The residential developments in the community are Trava, an ultra-luxe property where art fuses with nature, and comfort with sustainability; Solen Residences, a modern family abode surrounded by green space; Pramana, a residential park with lush landscapes and tree-lined living; and Zadia, a five-building low-density community that blends convenient condo living with park-style relaxation.

It is also home to three retail establishments with sprawling open spaces – Laguna Central, Arcadia, and Paseo Outlets; and industrial zones Santa Rosa Business Parks 1 and 2, and Greenfield Autopark.

Greenfield City is accessible via the Santa Rosa Interchange, Eton-Greenfield Exit, and the Greenfield-Unilab exit. Travel to Greenfield City and the rest of Laguna will be reduced to 45 minutes from the original 90 minutes from the stretch of SLEX to CAVITEX