Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Always Connected with Samsung Smart Lock


Always Connected with Samsung Smart Lock

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Always Connected with Samsung Smart Lock

With the pandemic ravaging through our normal lives, we have been inside our homes like we never have before. Our family’s safety and welfare are our utmost priority and there is no better way to ensure our family’s protection than securing our front doors.

Introducing Samsung Smart Lock SHP-DP609, the most advanced door opening solution with Push Pull lever, Fingerprint sensor and Mobile App. Have peace of mind knowing your family are safely home with Samsung’s Smart Lock’s amazing mobile app. Get real-time notification whenever a family member comes home. Unlock your door for a visitor from anywhere, anytime and view access logs to monitor activities in the lock. You can also create duration passwords to allow entry for regular visitors at certain period of time.

With breakthroughs in precision engineering and design, Samsung Smart Lock guarantees strengthened security on both mechanical hardware and software. It uses the highest encryptions combined with the latest technologies to prevent tampering and intrusions from unwanted guests.

Samsung Smart Lock SHP-DP609 also has Smart Bell feature for live alerts on incoming guest, Voice Guidance for easier registration, Battery indicator and Micro-USB Emergency power. Truly, SHP-DP609 has the most awesome features to keep your family safe and sound.