Sunday, May 28, 2023

The Philippines’ much-loved soap brand shares plans to help safeguard the country as quarantines lift


The Philippines’ much-loved soap brand shares plans to help safeguard the country as quarantines lift

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P&G Safeguard declares ambition towards a vision of a SAFE Philippines

As we face more challenges brought about by our current situation, Filipinos have gone above and beyond themselves to help one another. To help the country on the ongoing COVID-19 crisis through handwashing, Safeguard declares their ambition towards a vision of a SAFE Philippines.

Keeping every Filipino SAFE

Throughout its 54-year history, the brand has consistently demonstrated community support, making a meaningful difference to the health and safety of the country with partnerships with the DOH, DepEd, PAMET and the Red Cross. Handwashing and hand sanitizing education has been a long-standing program for Safeguard throughout the years. Just last year, more than 100,000 students benefitted from hand washing facilities built by Safeguard in public schools nationwide.

Beyond this, it’s especially during times of crisis that Safeguard truly steps up. Just this year, the brand has been at the forefront of Taal Volcano eruption relief efforts. In the past months, while under the restrictions of quarantine, Safeguard mobilized its nationwide distribution network to provide aid to a total of 15,000 frontliners nationwide in more than 50 COVID-19 hospitals. The brand also established the BayaniHands Project that enabled Filipinos to take part and support the frontliner efforts of the Philippine Red Cross from the safety of home.

Building a SAFE New Normal

In order to help achieve the ambition for a SAFE Philippines, the much-loved antibacterial soap makes it a mission to help the country adjust to a new normal. As establishments reopen, Safeguard lends a hand to various institutions by making its wide range of degerming products like soap and hand sanitizer more accessible. Beginning by making Safeguard hand soap available in mall restrooms nationwide, Safeguard calls out to different public and private spaces to collaborate and help rebuild a SAFE Philippines. Raffy Fajardo, General Manager of P&G Philippines says: “Safeguard’s mission has always been to help keep the Filipino family safe. Now, more than ever, hand washing has been at the top of Filipino’s minds, and that is where we are stepping up as a force for good. As the country reopens, I’m proud to share that Safeguard is opening its doors to partnerships that make handwashing more accessible for every Filipino. By bringing our hands together, we all work towards building a SAFE ‘New Normal’ for the Philippines.”

Together with Safeguard, we can continue to help keep the nation SAFE, free from germs and worries.

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