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B&P on Iloilo Development: “This is #TheBetterPlace for Filipinos in the new normal.”


B&P on Iloilo Development: “This is #TheBetterPlace for Filipinos in the new normal.”

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B&P on Iloilo Development: “This is #TheBetterPlace for Filipinos in the new normal.”

With the new normal happening and work from home setup in place for some, Filipinos are looking for a location that they deem the better place to live. Here comes a refreshing and exciting prospect: city living in a provincial setting. Iloilo City fits the bill, with less congestion, less high-cost living expenses, and a more laid back and stress-free way of life. Dubbed as “the most liveable city” in 2014, Iloilo City is high on the list when it comes to viable areas to relocate.

Iloilo’s 1st Suspended Infinity Pool:Even common amenities are design for proper distancing, relaxation and entertainment

In 2018, Iloilo City was recognized as the number one city in terms of governance and ranked the 11th safest city in Southeast Asia. In the ongoing COVID crisis, Iloilo City is praised for its swift and effective measures to lower the spread of COVID-19 in the province. One of the first cities to go on strict lockdown, Iloilo City has long implemented mass testing in the city and was able to organize localized efforts to provide for its citizens during the lockdown.

#TheBetterPlace for your new normal: façade of WV Towers 1 & 2

Despite all of its accolades, real estate prices in Iloilo continue to be relatively lower than nearby provincial cities, which are also in the path of economic growth and modernization. With all of Iloilo’s achievements in recent years, Iloilo City now becomes truly an ideal location to reside during the new normal.

#TheBetterPlace, soon to rise

B&P Property Group opens the WV Towers 1 & 2, located in master-planned Mandurriao Garden Residences in Iloilo City as the newest option for safe and better living. Like other B&P developments, WV Towers has fashioned itself around the new normal, implementing amenities, features, and services that are targeted against the spread of sicknesses and viral infections, and are well-suited for the new normal.

“The reality is, real estate developments have a responsibility to adapt to the new normal. We now live in an era of staying home and staying safe” says Mr. William Bantigue, Chairman of B&P Property Group. “The concept of “home” is becoming ever more important: with this new way of life, the home is not just a place to live, but also a place to work, study, exercise, and entertain. Our developments have been more than ready in accommodating this new lifestyle. It is now not only our privilege but our duty to build homes for people where they will feel secure.”

Here are some reasons why WV Towers is #TheBetterPlace to live.

For starters, WV Towers is a low-density development, with only a few units available per area space. This ensures privacy and social distancing between residents, effectively lowering community transmission. Each unit is fitted with at least one balcony to ensure proper ventilation, and compared to many condominiums, units in WV Towers are sized bigger than the average to give family members ample space.

As the new normal discourages us to spend too much time in public places, WV Towers are designed to become a haven for working—and playing—from home. All homes are internet connection ready for maximum productivity and entertainment, and amenities are designed to encourage safe enjoyment close to home: leisure amenities are well-designed to keep residents entertained, while condo and subdivision development gardens and open common areas allow for fresh air and freedom of movement.

Finally, WV Towers are also built against a background of safety for all: the property management strictly implements hygiene, sanitation and security protocols, and for emergencies and essential needs, the development is strategically-located near essential services and establishments such as hospitals, government offices, schools and churches.

Ms. Corazon Nenita Pangan, B&P Property Group Director says: “With WV Towers, we hope to provide what we call #TheBetterPlace: homes for Filipinos where not only will they be protected, but also where they can enjoy and love the warmth and comfort of home, despite the challenges of the new normal.”

This makes the development truly #TheBetterPlace to live in.

WV Tower 1 in Iloilo is ready for turnover in February 2021, while WV Tower 2 is ready for turnover in March 2022.

The B&P Property Group stays true to its long-term vision of fulfilling the dreams of Filipinos to live better lives and achieve homes that they can deem #TheBetterPlace, through progressive properties that have innovative features. With the group’s projects and developments spreading fast throughout the country, there’s a better place to live for every Filipino.

The B&P Group’s developments include the WV Towers 1 & 2 in Mandurriao Garden Residences Iloilo, Palm Glades Residences in Capiz, and Prosperity Heights and One Mariposa in Quezon City. For more information, visit